c hack

single tracks

   cryin' at lunch
      It's about cryin' at lunch, I guess.
   my irradiator girl
      Acoustic. For Adam and Susie.
   a promise is a promise
      Acoustic. Expanding on Johnny Cash's "Hung My Heart").
      70's porn groove.
   the eastern sky
      Another sketch.
  the dreaming
      Instrumental electronica.
      My take on DnB.
  don't sing
      The lyrics are from the body of an email I once got. Verbatim; unchanged.
   the desert wind
      Feat. the vocal stylings of Leesa. She also wrote the 1st two verses on the fly. What a woman!
  better days
      My Dylan Times-They-Are-A-Changin' era song.
      Feat. the harp mastery of Mike Fritz. He sucks. Also, he blows.
  po boy
      My take on an old blues standard. Went for a Patton quality to the vocals.
   an association named sue
      About the RIAA. A parody of the Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue." Co-written by Yo Grark, from slashdot.org. Lyrics.


   mix tape dub (remix of "mix tape" by jim's big ego)
      Paying homage to Ting Tubby.


   dream a little dream of me (by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt, lyrics by Gus Kahn)
      Why you'd want to listen to this one over Mama Cass, beats me. Indulge me my hubris.
   past and pending (by the shins)
      Gift of Music 2004.
   papa won't leave you henry (by nick cave)
      Gift of Music 2004, bonus.
   the blue signal (by king arthur)
      For the King Arthur Hxaro.
   across the dusty plains (by leaf 62)
      For a Coverfight.
   you belong to me (by King/Price/Stewart)
      In the vocal stylings of Johnny Cashpoint.
   funny enough for you (by 15-16 puzzle)
      For... I forget.
   bad attraction (by glenn case)
      For the fun of it.
   the one (by jack shite)
      For the Jack Shite Hxaro.

tracks for songfight
(a weekly songwriting contest)

   can't take our love away
      Mostly acoustic. I really like this one. Featuring Jack Shite on percussion and backup vocals.
   five minutes
      Cross between Modest Mouse and Blind Willie Johnson maybe.
   dizzy spells
      Bringing in da funk and a small portion of da noise. Featuring Dylan Nau on horns.
      Trying something new.
   cellar door
      Rocking the casket with the corpse-folk.
   say the word
      Downtempo country twangy ghost electronica, I guess.
   hey ruth
      Acoustic. A feelgood kinda song.
   a promise is a promise
      This one rocks.
   12 monkeys :: 2nd place
      Downtempo electronica; sample-driven.
   fight the sea
      Old-school country ballad, Featuring Henrietta and Prosthetic Johnson.
   gettin' all sweaty
   she's on my mind
      Laid-back introspective whisky-drinkin pipe smokin something or other.
   rabies :: winner
      Acoustic. Funny, like Beck's "Satan Gave Me a Taco."
      Acoustic. For Songfight Survivor.

josh at c-hack dot com
   a day for nyla
      Instrumental electronic, with a few sampled vocals.

      1. Dawn
      2. Daylight
      3. Twilight
      4. Dusk
      5. Night
      6. Dawn

      Album in A Day - 24 tracks, written and recorded in 24 hours. (*) are personal favorites.

      1. Cannibal Eyes
      2. Lord, What You Doing To Me?
      3. This is a Lot Harder Than I Thought
      4. Ballad of a Porn Merchant*
      5. Out To Pasture
      6. My Dirty Hippie Baby*
      7. Schroedinger's Cat
      8. Political Stomp
      9. Take It Easy
      10. Birdies at My Window
      11. I Want to Play Some Video Games
      12. Bedroom Hollers
      13. I Feel Like I Am Dead (In a Good Way)
      14. My Exhibitionist Firefly DVD*
      15. My Old Man
      16. I'll Make You Mine*
      17. Summer Nights*
      18. Damned If I Know
      19. Holy Land
      20 Good Morning Blues
      21. All Like Custer*
      22. Breaking the 4th Wall
      23. All I Want is Sleep*
      24. Lullaby*

"C Hack rocks the casket with his unique brand of corpse-folk."


"Delta Blues of the 23rd century. Maybe this is what it would have sounded like if blues had become the pre-eminent form of music in America and it had morphed into this over 80 years."
-Jim of Seattle

"I love this song ["WTF?"]. I want to turn out the lights after being lit and lie in my bed staring at the ceiling contemplating the inner workings of things to come."

"C Hack's 'Rabies' Feels like I'm in a old Dodge on a lonely Texas highway..."

"C Hack is the future of American music."
-Blue Lang

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